Story of the forgotten Godddesses

Forgotten Goddesses – Hygieia and Pancea
In this Covid 19 pandemic, I would like to share with you the story of 2 sisters, 2 goddesses…the favorite daughters of the god Asclepius; Greek god of medicine. One was called Hygieai and the other Panacea. Hygieai—where we get the word hygiene from—was considered the goddess of health; ruler of daily hygiene. Hygiene means diet, daily care, cooking, the kitchen, nourishment, movement, rest. All little lifestyle practices that create a healthy and vibrant life. So whenever you say the word health and you act on it, you reincarnate the Goddess Hygieia. Her sister Panacea, on the other hand, was considered to be the goddess of the cure. And it said that she had the special recipe that was a combination of herbs that only she knew that can cure just about anything. So whenever you were super sick, you had to go into the woods and try to find this goddess, Panacea. But the challenge was to find her, she liked to spend her time alone in the woods. And she didn’t always want you to be found. She was a little introvert. Regardless that Asclepius loved both of them, he had this tiny extra special affection for Hygieia.
The deeper understanding here is that the most important is hygiene, be clean and live healthy, integrate the spirit of Hygieai in your daily routine. It is a preventive way to restrict developing disease. It’s your commitment to build up your health credit, your life force, and it helps you to increase the probability that you’re going to be vibrant and healthy. When we feel stressed and under pressure we have tendency to look for compensation in alcohol, less healthy food, less exercises. So this is the time to remember Hygieai.
And sometimes you have to look for the panacea. That drug, the one thing, the one cure that’s going to help you heal your disease. Be prepared that to find it out, can take some time, some effort and the path to find it, is as important as the cure itself. For the moment all over the world scientists are looking for Panacea and we have to be confident that a cure will be find. In the meantime every person has the resilience, the possibility and responsibility to increase the Hygieiai in parallel. This to feel psychically, mentally and socially more healthy.
The story of this 2 sisters came to my pad the last year when I had to deal with cancer treatment myself. I am grateful that Hygieai and Pancea inspire me and accompanied me to tolerate the treatment. Today I have a healthy lifestyle and I wish for you the same.

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